The judging panel will use the Phase 1 selection criteria to select up to ten (10) Phase 1 winners from the pool of eligible submissions. When evaluating Phase 1 submissions, judges will assign each submission one to five points in each of the categories below, for a maximum of 25 points.
  • Performance. The degree to which the concept could achieve or exceed the necessary data requirements for production of the WMM (see Target performance metrics in Additional Resources).
  • Innovation. The degree to which the concept creates potential efficiencies in time, money, or other resources.
  • Technical Feasibility. The extent to which the concept uses technically sound methods and the solver identifies critical assumptions and risks.
  • Operational Feasibility. The degree to which the concept accounts for and addresses real-world implementation, and the ability to continuously and reliably collect data for several WMM iterations (e.g., 20 years).
  • Team. The extent to which the solver or team demonstrates expertise or recognizes what additional capabilities may be needed to advance their concept.