Phase 4bc provides three participating teams with monetary and technical support as they build, test and launch their solutions.

Iota Technologies


A CubeSat featuring a deployable helical boom, vector fluxgate magnetometer, and atomic scalar magnetometer. Iota Technology is working alongside industry-leading partners, combining expertise in sensor technology, deployable structures, and mission design.

Spire Global and SBQuantum

Diamond-Powered Geomagnetic Data Collection from LEO

A diamond quantum magnetometer system deployed on a CubeSat, combining SBQuantum’s novel magnetometer technology and sensor expertise with Spire Global’s existing infrastructure for satellites, ground stations and data processing.

University of Colorado Boulder

Compact Spaceborne Magnetic Observatory (COSMO) CubeSat

A CubeSat specifically designed and tested for magnetic cleanliness and accurate data from a compact form factor. A compact scalar-vector magnetometer designed specifically for CubeSats enables high-quality collection of magnetic field data.